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TSE Kansas City Autographed Mini Helmet Draft!

Sold out

How does it work?

Buyers will purchase one (or more) spots in the draft on our website. The draft will go live shortly after all of the spots are filled. A randomizer will be used to assign the draft order to each name.

You MUST direct message us your order number via Twitter so we can add you to the draft group message! If you do not message us with your order number prior to the draft starting, you will be given the last pick.

There will be 10 spots available for this draft and 11 mini helmets to choose from. (see photo for possible draft items)

If you receive spot number 1 - you get the first pick and that item will be removed

If you receive spot number 2 - you get the second pick... and so on

Each buyer will have 30 minutes to make their choice. If they do not in the allotted time, they will be moved to the bottom of the draft.

All draft choices and picks will take place in a Twitter group message.

There are no refunds, exchanges, or promos available for drafts.

All come with a certificate of authenticity & tamper proof sticker.